NEW! LED Valance Lighting

Upgrade your display, or an entire aisle, with our easy-to-install LED valance light.

Lighting for Impact’s new LED valance lighting helps you simply and affordably transform the way your customers see, shop, and spend in your store. 

Added to your existing gondola shelving, our valance light instantly upgrades the look of your merchandising. Use in Health and Beauty aisles to create a more intimate, upscale shopping experience or across aisles to add better lighting and ambiance to your existing gondolas.


LED Cooler Lights

Tired of your replacing your current fluorescent cooler lighting and paying for inefficient energy usage?  With Lighting for Impact’s LED Cooler Light, results are simply a matter of changing a light bulb.

Not only will you be saving up to 85% of energy costs compared to your former fluorescent tube ballast combinations, but your cooler section will be refreshed with sharp, head turning, LED lighting.​


Acrylic Box Displays

In today’s competitive market, key areas of your store are vital to acheiving sales objectives. Our acrylic box displays provide an affordable solution to successfully highlight specific brands in strategic locatons within your store. For example, if you need to increase sales performance in the Health and Beauty section, adding an acrylic box display can help increase customer focus where you want it directed.

LCD Display

Take your merchandising to the next level with our new LCD Display screens! With our displays, you are now able to enhance any part of your store with attention-grabbing video advertisements. The displays are also versatile enough to change what they play with your needs.

Coming in multiple sizes, the displays can be relocated at any time and are compatible with both horizontal and vertical orientation.

J-Channel LED Lighting

Our customers challenged us with a problem typically associated with some undershelf LED solutions — how can I effectively “up-light” product on the shelf? Lighting for Impact engineers designed an LED solution especially for retailers that not only fits with existing shelving but works to light items from the front of the shelf — eliminating shadows and better highlighting the face of the product(s).

Backlit Header Panels

Whether you are developing ideas for improved in-store navigation, promoting specific categories/brands, or looking to change the look of an aisle or department, Lighting for Impact’s LED Backlit Header Panels may be just the solution.