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Checkout Re-Invention: A Case Study

The Challenge: A Midwest retailer noticed their confection single-serve business had started to erode. They needed a solution that would draw shoppers’ attention and help increase sales. The solution had to be easy to manage and fit with existing merchandising in stores.

Confection Re-Invention: A Case Study

A Midwest Regional retailer was looking for ways to reinvent their confection merchandising. Learn how Lighting for Impact helped deliver significant increases in the retailer’s Confectionary sales.

LED Remodel Guide

Store remodels and category refreshes are a great opportunity to invest in merchandising and technology that will improve your shoppers’ experience, increase engagement, and drive incremental sales. LED lighting is not only one of the most affordable investments a retailer can make to improve the in-store experience, but it is proven to increase sales — as much as 40%*


Improve the HBC Shopping Experience

Retailers know that creating a great in-store experience is key to attracting shoppers and maintaining their loyalty. According to Acosta 's “The Health of Health and Beauty Care in the Grocery Channel” report, HBC shoppers are extremely valuable to grocers.


LED Shelf Lighting Shines for Supermarkets

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Across the country, more and more grocery stores are getting on board with LED lighting. When these bright, energy-efficient bulbs are placed on shelves to highlight products, they also make all types of food appear more attractive. An NPR story describes the soft, focused lighting that has made cauliflower look more appealing at Wegmans. Such lighting results in a 30 percent sales increase for the highlighted products. Read the full article >>