J-Channel LED Lighting

Our customers challenged us with a problem typically associated with some undershelf LED solutions — how can I effectively “up-light” product on the shelf? Lighting For Impact engineers designed an LED solution especially for retailers that not only fits with existing shelving but works to light items from the front of the shelf — eliminating shadows and better highlighting the face of the product(s).

Our patented J-channels affix to the front of the standard shelving and are used to shine up lighting, down lighting or both on products. Compared to C-channels, J-channel lighting can be applied without adhesive or magnets, making it easier to move and/or adjust lighting as needed.


  • Easily clips on and off common gondola-style pricing channels
  • Two stainless steel levers inside channel allow for quarter-turn install and removal
  • Front contour duplicates existing pricing channel with no loss of marketing space
  • Unique shape reflects light back toward product
  • Black or Almond are standard colors and come in varying lengths

Like all our solutions, the J-channel uses high quality LEDs such as our standard LED strip which includes 60 diodes per meter, LED intensity of 118-128 lumens per foot, power usage measuring 1.3 watts per foot, and a 5-year LED guarantee.

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