Convenience Store LED Lighting

True to the name, Convenience stores offer convenience to their shoppers looking to fulfill a need for a beverage, a quick snack, or a personal item. Drawing them into the store and helping them find what they need quickly is critical to the store’s success. 

Used at the point of sale, LED lighting immediately improves the look of the merchandising — making stores feel “cleaner” and “brighter” — and is proven to increase sales up to 57%.

Lighting for Impact has LED solutions for convenience retailers to highlight specific assortments — such as confections and better for you snacking — drive impulse sales at checkout, and/or light the entire store differentiating their store from the competition.

Key Features:

  • Easily integrated with existing merchandising and shelving
  • Overhead, up, and/or down lighting options enhance product on shelf
  • LED peg merchandising and pusher solutions available
  • Optional motion sensors draw shoppers into the aisle
  • Five-year guarantee on LED lighting

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