Checkout LED Lighting Solutions

Today, front of store is arguably one of the most important areas in your store — it is the one location almost all of your shoppers visit each trip, the last opportunity to convert an impulse sale, and the experience leaves a lasting impression of your store.

However, more than 60% of customers who didn’t add purchases during checkout said they "didn’t notice anything, or didn’t think about it." 

Adding LED lighting to well-designed checkout merchandising not only increases impulse-driven sales — ranging from 5%-20% — it also has the effect of improving shoppers’ impression of the experience in your store.

From wire fixtures to under-counter shelving to queue lines, Lighting for Impact has solutions that work for all types of front of store merchandising. Contact us regarding your objectives and we’ll design the right solution for your store(s).

Key Features:

  • Proven solutions for lighting across checkout categories, including confections, magazines, snacks and GM
  • Easily integrated with existing racks or installed as part of a new fixture program
  • Flat and wire shelving solutions with patented wire management system
  • Engineered to perform in high-traffic front-of-store environments 
  • Five-year guarantee on LED lighting

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