Aisle / Department LED Lighting Solutions

In any retailer’s strategy, there are always key categories or departments — such as Health and Beauty and Liquor — that are critical for their stores’ in meeting sales and profit objectives and winning/maintaining shopper’s loyalty. 

Whether it is already a best feature in your store or you are looking to upgrade the look of an aisle or department, LED lighting is a simple and practical way to illuminate and differentiate destinations across the store. 

LED lighting makes labels easier to read, helps shoppers find products on shelves, and improves the overall look of the merchandising — giving the appearance of an overall remodel without the significant expense. 

By lighting an entire aisle, Lighting for Impact LED solutions have delivered greater than 7% conversion lift across the category — delivering a return on the LED investment in less than 4 weeks. 

Lighting for Impact can help design the right LED solution for your stores’ merchandising leveraging LED lighting and accessories to maximize impact and minimize cost. 

Key Features:

  • Wide range of sizes and solutions to fit your stores' needs
  • Easily integrated into existing merchandising or shelving
  • LED peg merchandising and pusher solutions available
  • Color and brightness options can enhance brands and highlight key merchandise
  • Five-year guarantee on LED lighting

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