Acrylic Box Displays

In today’s competitive market, some areas of your store are vital to acheiving sales objectives. That’s why our Acrylic Box Displays provides the solution to successfully highlighting specific brands in strategic locatons within your store. For instance, if you have a need to increase sales in the Health and Beauty section, adding a Acrylic Box Display can increase focus where you want that focus to be.

Easy to install, these displays are versitile enough to be moved as your needs change with minimal transition time. Take advantage of the power that strategic focus has and utilize our Acrylic Box Displays today!

Key Features:

  • Easy installation allows you to change location and brand quickly.
  • Strong magnetic bottom ensures stable positioning.
  • Efficient engineering allows you to utilize power from your existing LFI lighting system.
  • Five year guarentee on LED lighting.

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