Discover the power of light.

Lighting for Impact Discover the power of light. Lighting for Impact Discover the power of light.

The Impact of Strategic Lighting

The strategic use of LED lighting in-store has the power to help you better focus your shoppers’ attention where you want it and move them to buy more — and more frequently — while making them feel better about the overall shopping experience.

The Power of Light

Increase Sales - Lighting for Impact

Increase Sales

Time and again, our lighting solutions have helped retailers across all channels raise sales by as much as 57% at the front of the store.

Improve Experiences - Lighting for Impact

Improve Experiences

Lighting breaks through the clutter, makes merchandise more appealing and improves overall store presentation.

Enhance Loyalty - Lighting for Impact

Enhance Loyalty

Lighting creates a unique shopping environment that can help encourage shoppers to stay longer and keeps them coming back.

Solutions as simple and affordable as they are dramatic

Our strategic lighting solutions transform your in-store merchandising and assortments – including checkout displays, center-aisle displays, end caps, under-counter and destination displays – into bright spots of new sales. Whether at work in grocery, convenience, drug, or other formats, Lighting For Impact can help you simply and dramatically change the way your customers see, shop and spend in your store.

Checkout LED Lighting Solutions

Checkout LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting for Impact LED checkout solutions have helped retailers and CPG brands alike realize sales increases ranging from 5%-20% and set new standards for best practices in checkout merchandising.

Checkout Solutions
Spotlight LED Lighting Solutions

Spotlight LED Lighting Solutions

Our strategic LED lighting solutions draw shoppers into the aisle and highlight unique assortments that differentiate your store from competitors — focusing shoppers' attention, engaging them with displays, and increasing sales.

Spotlight LED Solutions
End-Cap LED Lighting Solutions

End-Cap LED Lighting Solutions

Successful end-cap displays are often the difference between making and missing your numbers. Lighting for Impact offers high impact, illuminated displays that can stand alone or integrate with the latest high-tech solutions.

End-Cap Solutions

Convenience Store LED Lighting

Most shoppers report that the reason they didn't buy an item at checkout is because they simply "didn't notice or think of it." Lighting for Impact solutions illuminate impulse items below eye-level creating a big opportunity for retailers to drive incremental sales.

C-Store LED Solutions
Aisle/Department LED Lighting Solutions

Aisle / Department LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting for Impact offers a range of affordable, high-impact and customizable solutions that can be used to highlight destination departments, such as Liquor and HBA, drawing customers in and encouraging them to linger longer and buy more.

Aisle / Department Solutions


With 30+ years of retail experience, guaranteed engineering expertise, and a proprietary global manufacturing network, Lighting for Impact delivers innovative, dramatic and practical solutions that can transform any retail environment — from retrofitted lighting to a single new fixture to a complete re-outfitting of 1,000+ stores nationally — to improve all aspects of your store’s presentation and performance.

Why Lighting for Impact

Merchandising Expertise
Strategic Approach to Lighting
Dramatic Yet Cost-Effective
Engineering Excellence
Designed for Retail
Guaranteed Quality


Proven Performance

Every day, more retailers and CPG brands are opening their eyes to the proven impact that strategic lighting has on retail performance. To date, Lighting For Impact has installed more than 40,000 LED fixtures at leading retailers nationwide.

Lighting for Impact Experience

The Lighting For Impact team understands retail and what drives shopper conversion at checkout. They are a true partner in helping us bring innovative and effective LED merchandising solutions to our retail customer.

Lighting For Impact's LED system has helped boost sales in the confectionary category. The system has enhanced the visual impact of product that had gone unnoticed in the past. LFI's reliability, customer service and design expertise has made them a great partner for Wawa.

Lighting For Impact has been a great resource for lighting in our stores. They are both creative and affordable versus other LED lighting companies. I like the fact that when there’s an issue , they solve it quickly – which is less hassle for busy retailers.

Innovative LED Retail Merchandising Solutions

Change the way your customers see the shopping experience.

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